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    If you have a claim, our experience pays.

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      How it works

      Filing a claim can appear to be a very hectic process especially when you are already suffering due to someone else negligence. Legal advisors at Injury Claims Network understand this and are there to guide you throughout the claims process. They will also help you decide if you can make a successful claim or not. They will ask you certain questions to understand your case better. Then they will transfer your case to the best personal injury solicitor on our panel. The solicitor then confirms if you can make a successful claim and the amount you will be able to claim. After your confirmation, they will then begin with the case proceedings. During the claims process, we will be here to guide you in collecting evidence and taking care of any documentation you may need to provide to support your claim. Our Friendly advisors will get in touch with you over call to offer free advice and discuss your claim further. You are never put under any kind of pressure and it’s up to you to start with the claim process. We get paid a marketing fee for our services.

      The best thing about our process is that you do not need to pay any legal fees in advance. The legal fees are charged as a percentage of the compensation amount you receive which is decided once your solicitor has started processing your claim. So, your solicitor will only charge you if you win the case and this fee can’t exceed more than 25% of the compensation amount. 

      To help you how to understand different kinds of claims including personal injuries and furnish relevant information. Every common type of personal injury has been explained in detail. You can navigate yourself through our website and study how the claim process works as it will be different for each type of claim. However, every case is different and for further clarification, you can get in touch with us on via our contact form

      Experienced personal injury lawyers

      Injury Claims Network has a panel of experienced personal injury solicitors with vast industry experience. They know the best how to negotiate with other parties and get you maximum possible compensation. We have been helping our clients file claims of every type whether it's a road accident, medical negligence, work-related injuries, or other types of personal injuries that are caused by someone else negligence. To reduce any kind of financial risks, we work on a No Win No Fee-based agreement.

      Detailed information on no win no fee claims

      Most legal firms offer a No Win No Fee agreement to their potential clients. This is done to eliminate any kind of financial risk for the already suffering personal injury victims. With this agreement, the legal firms are bound to provide consultation keeping the client’s best interest in mind. Cases are taken only if you have a chance of winning. In short, the client never has to bear expenses from their pocket irrespective of the result of the claim.

      You will be liable to pay the legal fee only if you win and indirectly from the amount of compensation as a percentage that never exceeds more than 25% of the compensation amount received. Your solicitor will facilitate ATE insurance for you.

      However, there have been rare cases in past where the client failed to cooperate with the solicitor or failed to attend necessary court proceedings. If the case couldn’t be taken further because of the client’s own mistake, then a termination fee will be charged.